Take a tour of the Smithsonian Museum room by room.   A virtual tour at least, using a 360 degree viewing of each room using the cursor on your computer keyboard.   Follow the blue arrows on the floor to move from room to rooms.   You can view inside and outside of the museum and there little “cameras” positioned here and there which provide detailed information on certain things. 

If you click on the floor, in the upper right corner,  you are provided a floor plan of that floor and you can click on a blue circle and go directly to the room you want.   It is suggested you watch it in full screen mode.   Use the “wheel” on your mouse to zoom in and out.   Look for "arrows" on the floor, they take you to other places, if you click on them.    

Reportedly, if a person spent ten seconds, twenty-four hours a day, three-hundred-sixty-five days a year, looking at each item the Smithsonian has to display, it would be impossible to see all their treasures in your life-time.

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