S.O.A.R.S. has worked with a number of legal firms, on a variety of cases, which has provided us a better understanding of assigned legal counsel's needs relative to case preparation.   Provided below is a list of attorneys with whom S.O.A.R.S. has worked.   Those presented as a link, have consented to provide their assessment of S.O.A.R.S’ performance and abilities, upon request.


Javier Acosta
Advocates Paralegal Services
Allstate Staff Counsel
Alan Balaran & Associates
Jeff Baker & Associates
Basham & Basham
Beall & Biehler
Ron Bell & Associates
Browning & Peifer
Bryan & Flynn-O’Brien
The Bryan Law Firm
William H. Carry & Son
Civerolo, Wolf, Gralow & Hill
Cochrane & Associates
Randal Collins & Associates
Stephen Comeau
Cord, Ritchi, Felker & Ish
William Davis & Associates
John K. Dema
Michael Dickman, Attorney at Law
Robert Downing & Associates
Ken Downs & Associates
The Farlow Law Firm
Foy, Foy & Castillo
Todd E. Farkas
Stephen G. French Law Office
Gaddy & Hall
Hatch, Allen & Shepherd
Hatcher & Sullivan
Herrera, Baird & Ares


Herrera, Baird & Long
Hinkle, Cox, Eaton, Coffield
Michael Ellis
Felker, Ish, Hatcher, Ritchie,
Hatcher & Sullivan
Herrera, Baird & Ares
Mark A. Hirsch
Lynn Isaacson
Jaramillo & Grant
Mark Jarmie
Jeffries & Rugge
David Jordan & Associates
The Kalm Law Office
Asenath Kepler
Victor Marshall & Associates
The Martinez Law Firm
Miller, Stratvert, Torgerson
Michael Menicucci & Associates
The Modrall Law Firm
C. K. Moss
Narvaez & Slease
The Narviez Law Firm
Sean Olivas
Pelton & Associates
Pole & Fen
Riley, Shane & Hale
Mason & Isaacson
R. S. Mc Allister
Long, Pound & Komer
Mc Claugherty, Silver & Downes


Donald Miller, Attorney at Law
William F Riordan & Associates
Rodey, Dickason, Sloan, Akin &
The Roehl Law Firm
Rossi & Donateli
Sager, Curran, Sturges & Teppe
Saxton & Ayres
Scher & Scher
Lawrence Ruzow
Simons, Cuddy & Friedman
Andy Simms & Associates
Simone, Roberts & Weiss
Robles, Rael & Anaya
Frank Spring
Tansey, Rosebrough, Gerding
Norman Todd Law Office
Donald D. Vigil
Jerry Walz & Associates
Weinbrenner, Richards, Paulows
John M. Wells
White, Koch, Kelly & Mc Catrhy
Aaron Wolf
The Zamora Law Firm
Zimmerman & Associates
The Zamora Law Firm
The American Civil Libirties Union
The Boynton Law Office
The Law Office of Michael Calligan
Law Office of Robert Rosebrough
Law Office of Sampson Martinez