The range of S.O.A.R.S.’ investigative experience is extensive, as demonstrated by the variety of issues which S.O.A.R.S. has been called upon to investigate.

American Disabilities Act

ADA Building Access Violation

Breech of Contract

Denial of Tenure

Breech of Fiduciary Responsibility

Consensual Sex with Inmates
Non-Consensual Sex with Patient
Sexual Assault by Physician
Sexual Assault by Psychologist
Improper Computation of Inmate Good-Time
Providing Liquor and Drugs to Inmates
Loss of Personal Property
Aiding & Abetting an Illegal Activity
Falsification of Public Records
Illegal Wiretapping
Improper Suspension Search & Rescue Efforts
Licensing an Alcoholic to Drive
Failure to Record Lien on Vehicle
Interference With Contractual Agreement
Copyright Violation * Plagiarism
Breach of Contractual Agreement

Civil Rights Violation

Excessive Force
Denial of Due Process
Unlawful Search and Seizure
Fifth Amendment Violations
False Imprisonment
Wrongful Death
Interference with Business Practices

Civil Rights Violation (Continued)

Failure to Release Inmate on Time
High Speed Pursuits

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Over Crowded Jail
Corporal Punishment
Excessive Force
Lock-down Confinement
Failure to Protect
Lack of Education Programs
Lack of Proper Medical Care
Inadequate Food Services
Lack of Recreational Facilities
Out of State Incarceration


Age \ Ph. D. Program
Age \ Forced Retirement
Disability \ Building Access
Race \ Intern Program
Race \ Promotion Selection
Discrimination - EEOC Complaints
Freedom of Association

Employment Rights Violation

Race Discrimination
Sex Discrimination
Age Discrimination
Discrimination \ Freedom of Speech
Discrimination \ Political Affiliation
Sexual Harassment
Hostile Work Environment
Forced Retirement
Wrongful Termination of Employment
Constructive Discharge
Violation of State Personnel Rules
Emotional Distress \ Retaliation
Unpaid Overtime Compensation
Breech of Contract

Employment Rights Violation (Continued)

Failure to Hire
Denial of Outside Employment

Excessive Force

Resulting in Death
Shooting \ Personal Injury
Physical \ Personal Injury
Chemical Agents \ Personal Injury
Batons \ Personal Injury
Handcuffs \ Personal Injury
Police Canine \ Personal Injury
Shot Claimants Dog
Corporal Punishment

Failure to Protect

Abduction of Infant From Nursery
Death \ Group Home Walk Away
Death \ Juvenile Detention Centers
Death \ County Jails
Death \ Correction Facilities
Death \ Delayed Response
Death \ Prisoner Transport
Death \ Inadequate Medical Care
Properly Mark Railroad Crossing
Properly Maintain Roadway
Inadequate Signage
Maintain Fence Protecting Roadway
Answer 911 Call
Investigate Criminal Offense
Notify Owner of Stolen Vehicle Recovery
Notify Owner of Vehicle Towing
Return Confiscated Property
Failure to Return Personal Property
Supervise Inmates
Supervise Probationers
Supervise Parolees
Supervise Employees
Foster Children Placements
Maintaining an Unsafe Condition
Provide Adequate Medical Attention
Maintain Facility \ Slip & Fall Accident
Provide Adequate Medical Care
Protect resulting in Rape
Protect \ Client Escaped and was Killed
Failure to Protect
Protect Resident from Homosexual Assault
Adequately Maintain Road Markings and Signs
Provide Adequate Traffic Control Devices
Improper Road Maintenance \ Hydro-Plaining
Maintain Roadway Shoulder
Provide a Safe Work Place
Protect \ School Crossing
Protect \ School Buss Operation
Maintain Road Markings * Wrongful Death Adequately Maintain Highway Stripping
Protect \ Personal Injury \ Stabbed
Protect \ Hostage Situation
Credit Good-time For County Jail Incarceration
Protect \ Inmate Suicide
Protect \ Inmate Beat by Another Inmate

Failure to Protect (Continued)

Remove Warrant from Computer
Protect * Intoxicated Youths Not Arrested
Properly Investigate
Failure to Prosecute 
Negligent Prosecution
Render Proper Assistance
Take Enforcement Action   
Supervise Employees
Supervise Inmates
Respond to Call For Assistance
Recover Stolen Vehicle
Provide Officer Backup When Requested
Maintain Culverts \ Water Damage
Maintain Traffic Control Devices \ Accidents

False Arrest

Lack of Probable Cause
Mistaken Identity
Improper Bench Warrant
Impaired but not over limit DWI
Canceled Warrant
Police Assisted Bounty Hunter Without Warrant
Failure to remove Warrant from System
On a Federal Indian Reservation

False Imprisonment

Retention after Incarceration Completes
Lack of Jurisdiction
Mistaken Identity


Road Construction - Property Damage
Road Construction Resulting in Water Damage
Construction of Temporary Bridge \ Fatalities
Strip Search
Replevin Action


Abuse of Power
Withholding Exculpatory Information
Disclosure of Confidential Information
Gross Incompetence * Misdemeanor Tried as a Felony
Failure to Investigate Complaint Against Attorney
Malicious Prosecution
Wrongful Enforcement Child Support

Medical Malpractice

Wrongful death
Improper Diagnosis
Incompetence Resulting in Disability
Neglect Resulting in Death


Failure to Arrest
Failure to Investigate

Negligence (Continued)

Failure to Post Warning of Hazard in Roadway
Failure to Provide Timely Medical Attention
Negligence \ Police Pursuit Caused Accident
Medical Malpractice
Building Maintenance
Equipment Maintenance
Failure to Maintain Traffic Light
Resulting in Bodily Injury
Resulting in Property Damage
Failure to Post a Pedestrian Crosswalk
Failure to Post Bus Stop Area
Disposition of Entrusted Property
Operation of Equipment
Operation of a Motor Vehicle
Placement of Foster Children

Personal Injury

Inadequate Inspection of Facility
Auto Accident
Negligent Maintenance
Negligent Operation of Equipment
Intentional Infliction of Mental Anguish
Multiple Chemical Reaction
Motorcycle Accident \ Loose Gravel
Traffic Accident \ Highway Department Mower
Traffic Accident \ Snow Plow
Defective Jail Door Slammed on Hand
Due to Unsafe Working Conditions
Due to Unsafe Work Environment
Battery \ Professor Struck Student
Worker Compensation Claims
Slander \ Libel \ Defamation
Release of Confidential Information
Defective Equipment
Placement of Medical Patient
Placement of Foster Child
Disclosure of Confidential Information
Termination of Parental Rights

Personal Injury (Continued)

Interference With Parental Custody
Garnishment of Wages
Death \ Drowning

Property Damage

Cease & Desist Construction
Vehicle Operation
Operating Equipment
Welfare Check
Apprehending Subject
Executing Search Warrant
Wrongful Destruction
Unlawful Taking
Inverse Commendation
Violation of Property Rights


Search and Seizure
Blood Extraction \ DWI
Discharge of Firearm


Removal of Child From Home
Death \ Traffic Accident
Death \ Failure to Locate Accident Victim
Death \ Medical Malpractice
Death \ Excessive Force
Death \ Failure to Protect
Death \ Negligence
Termination of Employment
Towing of Vehicle
Confinement of a Minor
Filing of Civil Forfeiture Complaint
Termination of Employment \ Political Retaliation
Vehicle Impoundment
Interference With Employment
Interference With Commerce
Revocation of Driving Privilege
Destruction of Public Records