Saudi Arabia is boycotting American products, while gouging us on oil prices.   You can avoid putting more money in their pockets if you purchase gas from companies that do not import their oil.

The following gas companies import Middle Eastern oil:
 Shell     205,742,000 barrels
 Chevron/Texaco  144,332,000 barrels
 Exxon /Mobil  130,082,000 barrels
 Marathon/Speedway 117,740,000 barrels
 Amoco   62,231,000 barrels

CITGO oil is imported from Venezuela where Dictator Hugo Chavez, who hates America and openly avows our economic destruction, but we continue to pay Chavez's regime nearly $10 Billion dollars per year in oil revenues.

The U.S. currently imports 5,517,000 barrels of crude oil per day from OPEC.   If you do the math, at $100 per barrel, that's over $550 million per day \ $200 billion per year sent to OPEC countries and the price of oil is going up.

Companies who do not import Middle Eastern oil include:
 Sunoco    0 barrels
 Conoco    0 barrels
 OASinclair    0 barrels
 1W / Phillips   0 barrels
 Hess     0 barrels
 ARCO    0 barrels
 Maverick    0 barrels
 Flying J    0 barrels
 Valero    0 barrels
 Murphy Oil USA   0 barrels 
  (Sold at WaIMART, the gas is from South Arkansas and Fully US owned and produced. In addition, they give scholarships to children in their town who finish high school and are legal US citizens.)

This information is available from the U.S. Department of Energy.