Welcome to S.O.A.R.S., your source for professional investigations, litigation support services, skip tracing and pre\post-employment suitability inquiries.

S.O.A.R.S. is committed to:

Conducting its business enterprises with uncompromising professionalism and integrity,

Treat all persons contacted professionally, honestly, fairly and courteously, with dignity and respect,

Maintain an impartial, non-bias perspective in its business operations and the personal conduct of S.O.A.R.S.’ staff,

Avoid conduct or relationships which could lead to, or be perceived as leading to personal gain, favoritism, or a conflict of interest,

Comply with applicable Local, Municipal, County, State, Tribal and Federal laws and regulations.

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Give everything you undertake in life your best effort. Do what you believe to be “right”, not expedient, popular or self-serving. Fulfill your obligations and responsibilities with fidelity, maintaining the sanctity of your honor inviolate, second only to family. Respect yourself and others in all things and treat everyone as you would want to be treated under similar circumstances. Allow no one’s abuse of you or others, by word or deed, to go unchallenged, realizing, the measure of a person’s character is not what they do when they know others are watching, but rather what they do when they think no one is watching.