Strokes occur when a blood clot restrict ablood vessel, blocking the flow of oxygen tothe brain, carried by the blood.

A neurologist says if he can get to a strokevictim within 3 hours of the attack, he cantotally reverse the effects of a stroke. TOTALLY!!! The trick is getting a strokerecognized, diagnosed, and medically treatedwithin 3 hours.


The fact a person is suffering a stroke if not often recognized. Simple changes in thepersons physical characteristics or demeanor are often not enough. A sudden loss ofbalance, physical dexterity of mood change, associated with a stroke frequently goesunrecognized, resulting in severe brain damage to the individual.

Doctors say strokes can be recognize by asking three simple questions and having themstick out their tounge:

Ask the individual to SMILE.

Ask the person to speak a simple sentence coherently. Carry on a conversation or repeata sentence. (i.e. It is sunny out today.)

Ask him or her to raise both arms above their head.

Ask the person to “stick” out his tongue. If the tongue is “crooked”, goes to one sideor the other, or is uncontrollable, it is an indication of a stroke.

If any of these symptoms appear, call for emergency medical services immediately. Itis better to be safe, than sorry.

Sharing this information with others could save a life. Pass it on, to friends and lovedones.