Beverly Aragon

Beverly Aragon has over thirty (30) years of municipal state and tribal law enforcement experience.   She has served as a patrol officer, detective, and has held various supervisory and administrative positions, including that of Chief Law Enforcement Officer for both the Ramah Navajo and the Zuni Indian Reservations and was a Bureau Chief for the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy.

In addition to being an experienced police office and law enforcement administrator, Beverly is an excellent "trainer", and has achieved instructor certification in Firearms, Patrol Procedures, Auto Theft Investigation, Community Policing, DWI - SFST, Accident Investigation, Criminal Investigations, Child & Elderly Abuse Investigation, Domestic Violence, and the Positive Influences of Cultural Awareness.

Beverly developed and perfected her organizational and administrative skills while serving as Transportation Director with the Cuba Independent Schools, Basic Training Bureau Chief for the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy, Director of Security for the University of New Mexico’s Gallup Campus, Chief of Law Enforcement Services for the Zuni Pueblo, Chief of Police for the Ramah-Navajo Agency, Administrative Lieutenant, Patrol Lieutenant, Detective Division Lieutenant, for the Grants Police Department.   Where she emphasized the necessity of earning the “Public Trust”, through demonstrated productivity, accomplished with integrity and professionalism, with absolute accountability in a transparent environment open to the Public. 

A graduate of the University of New Mexico, majoring in Physical Education and minoring in Physical Therapy, Beverly has earned a wide variety of additional course certifications from the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, the University of Oklahoma, Eastern Oregon University and the Cooper institute, located in Dallas, Texas.

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